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Team DRC

At DRC, we're not just about building exceptional RC cars; we're also about fostering a community of passionate and skilled drivers who represent our brand on and off the track.

Get to know the talented individuals who make up our team of drivers.

*We do not believe in contract customers, and are currently not accepting applications/resumes onto the team*


Chris Wilkerson

Jarod Ment

Joel Winnicki

Kevin Lachapelle

Marc McGurren

Rex Rose

Rick Andring

Sean Genung

Taylor Baney

Tony Mangold

Zach + Dylan Fuge

Richard DeVroeg 

Nick Rank

Jake + Jarod Howard 

Colton Kruse

Mike Bartkus

Joe Zaeir Jr. 

Todd Finley

Cody McClenanhan

David Coleman 

Jeff Choban

Chad Donnelly 

Brennan Schimmel

Tyler Swift 

Tyler Jones

Cole Tollard

Talon Henley

Chris Gilliland

Ricky Gratton

David Harvey

Alexandre Desmarais

Shawn Rayfield

Dave Duncan

Steve Salvas

Lex Fulgencio 

Joel Winniki

Scott Struble

Mark Cruz

Clayton Young 

Marc Livermore

Dakota Phend