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Joel Winnicki



Name: Joel Winnicki

Home tracks: Walt's Hobby Town Syracuse NY CRC Raceway Rome NY

Classes they race: 1/10 and 1/12 th oval. Mud Boss 1/10 Sprint cars 1/5 dirt oval Some 1/10 and 1/12 road course.

What got them into R/C: I got into RC when I was 7 flying RC planes. I done got interested in RC cars at the age of 14 or 15. Now I will race or fly any kind of RC vehicle, from planes, drones and cars.

Experiences they have had in RC: Experiences I have had are being able to travel the world, meeting some of my best friends because of RC.

How they describe DRC: DRC in my opinion is a great manufacturer of the best charge leads for any RC chargers, power supplies, lights, phones. Being part of the team is like being part of the family.

How they describe themselves: I take pride in myself because I will help, talk and teach anyone what I know about RC and life. I would hope people would describe me as being a great person.

How they describe being on the team: Being on the DRC team I have learned a lot about RC in general from the facebook live talks. Your not just part of a team your family.