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Kevin Lachapelle



Name: Kevin Lachapelle

Home tracks: CTSR Bego raceway

Classes they race: Stock 2wd Stadium truck 4wd 1/10th Nitro buggy

What got them into R/C: Thrill for competition

Experiences they have had in RC: Raced in Canada and US

How they describe DRC: DRC makes high quality custom leads. Super durable and unique to your dialed pits I love their service and craftsmanship

How they describe themselves: I am always here to help others I try and be the go to guys in the pits. I work very hard to bring new comers to our racing scene

How they describe being on the team: Being on team DRC brings me pride in trying to make a difference for a family owned company. Being able to speak to Zac every time i have a question is great also