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Rick Andring



Name: Rick Andring

Home tracks: FMRC - Outdoor Astro (summer) Fargo/Moorhead Mini Raceway - Indoor Carpet (winter)

Classes they race: 1/10 Mod 4wd Buggy 1/10 13.5 4wd Buggy 1/10 17.5 2wd Buggy 1/10 Mod Stadium Truck

What got them into R/C: I started out when I was a kid and had one of those old Tyco Fast Traxx. Back then, my uncles raced some of the older Losi electric buggies and I loved watching them. When I got older I decided to get a monster truck for my oldest son and I was just as excited to drive it as he was. It was a landslide from there! I got my brother into it and we have raced together ever since.

Experiences they have had in RC: I have run the gambit in the hobby during my few years of actual racing. I have raced 1/10 and 1/8 and so far it continues to fuel my passion for the hobby. I think helping with the formation of our local clubs and building our local tracks from the ground up really had an effect on me and how fondly I look at my local community. I am now a local RC leader and race director and I put a lot of time into my local tracks to make sure that local drivers have a place to go.

How they describe DRC: To me, DRC is not only a US based RC company, but a family. We have some of the best RC products in the industry and they are produced right here in the USA and the support from Zac, Richard and the team is second to none whether you are on the team or not. I couldn't be more proud to represent such an awesome company and family.

How they describe themselves: I pride myself on being a helpful and straight forward racer and team mate. I tell it like it is and I'm not afraid to ask questions. I will be the first to welcome someone to the track and the first to marshal or pit for someone. I give constructive feedback when and where it is needed (even if it may not be what someone wants to hear).

How they describe being on the team: Its not just being part of a team, its being part of an RC family. We are encouraged to provide feedback and we are very welcoming to new drivers. Richard and Zac are constantly in contact with the team making sure everyone is doing well and that means a lot to me as a team driver and a racer in general. They are concerned about the needs of every customer regardless of whether they are a basher or racer and it shows in the services they provide. There isn't any stress on being the fastest guy but the focus on being a great ambassador for the sport and the team is very refreshing and it gives me a lot of confidence that I made the right choice when I joined the team.