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Marc McGurren



Name: Marc McGurren

Home tracks: RCCA in Fort Worth, TX

Classes they race: 21.5 TC, USGT, and 17.5 1/12

What got them into R/C: Loved playing with toy cars. My neighbor had an RC10 back in the day, so I picked me one up too! Still have my original RC10T from junior high!

Experiences they have had in RC: I truly love R/C. In 7th grade, all I wanted for Christmas was an RC10T and all the goodies. So, I had every aunt, uncle, grandparent, and parent pool my Christmas "gifts" into one shiny brand new RC10T and I haven't looked back since.

RC racing is its own unique experience that only those that have raced understand. The competition, setup, learning curve, shaky hands, increased heart rate, and nervousness all over toy car racing. What is more important and probably my favorite about this hobby is the camaraderie one has in this hobby. It truly is one of the best group of people you will ever find. We are from all different walks of life and it does NOT matter. We have one thing in common and these toy cars bond us and create an immediate kinship that only comes with RC Racing. I have made friends all over the world and its all because of toy cars.


How they describe DRC: Top quality products that keep my pit organized and looking fresh!

How they describe themselves: I pride myself on honest, integrity, and always helpful to others. I am passionate about this hobby and even though these are "toy cars" - they can be extremely frustrating if not built/setup properly. I always try to lend a helping hand when I can. I am not afraid to share "speed secrets" as I want to be the best of the best. I want others to push me and hopefully I can do the same.

How they describe being on the team: Friendly group that is always willing to help and encourage others.