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Sean Genung


Name: Sean Genung

Home tracks: Thunder Road Hobbies, and Island Speedway

Classes they race: Mod Sprint, 14.5 Sprint, Street Outlaw, and 13.5 Drag.

What got them into R/C: My son needed a way to help with ADHD and RC was what we choose to venture into.

Experiences they have had in RC: I have been fortunate enough to travel to many different states and tracks, meeting many different people. People that have turned into amazing friends and also consider many RC family. This has shown me how great the RC world is.

How they describe DRC: DRC is your one stop shop for all your charging needs. If it is a phone charger they have you covered with multiple types, you need to charge a battery you name it he can get you the leads you need. But it doesn’t stop there DRC carries other RC racing needs such as screw, wire, battery safes, heated battery chargers and more. The most amazing thing is the choice and personalization of the charging leads.

How they describe themselves: I enjoy meeting people and being a people’s racer. Showing the world about as many racers through podcasting and promoting the hobby and great business in the hobby.

How they describe being on the team: It’s a family. The fellow teammates are with Zac and Richard leading this family is an amazing thing. They always keep up with you to make sure you are doing good on and off the track. I have only had that from a couple of companies and they are one of the best to be a part of.