Jarod Ment



Name: Jarod Ment

Home tracks: Hills Offroad, Sydney RC

Classes they race: 1/10th Off Road 2WD and 4WD Modified. 1/10th On Road Touring Cars 13.5

What got them into R/C: My dad used to actively race 1/8th Nitro and 1/10th Off Road. It was the natural progression for me to get involved. When I started beating him on track it was time for him to hang up his radio and help out in the pits!

Experiences they have had in RC: Honestly I’ve got nothing bad to say about our hobby / sport. I’ve raced competitively at club, state, National and worlds levels. I’m a very competitive person and always strive to be the best at whatever I’m involved in. One of the best experiences I had was attending a boot camp at OCRC in early 2020 and realizing that I had to pace to stick with some of the big guns! Can’t wait to get back and beat some of them!

How they describe DRC: From product range to quality and selection to Zac’s amazing customer service. When we were one of the early adopters of the new Spektrum SMART technology, Zac went out of his way to not only source, but also design up the necessary leads needed to support the tech. Oh and millions of combinations has to be one of the best!

How they describe themselves: I always have fun at the track - I might not be outwardly smiling, but I’m always inwardly smiling! That and my integrity - I’m not a win at all costs kinda guy - I’m a win because I beat you fair and square kinda guy! Finally I’m a loyal brand ambassador - always representing and marketing the products and brands that support me and my program!

How they describe being on the team: It’s a very inclusive bunch - the communication is excellent and the feeling of “team” and “commitment” to the team is equally strong.