I-Charger Upgrade

Donathen RC

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Please note that if your lead is less than 12" we can only use the primary sheathing color! Additionally if you choose to install the upgrade kit, you will need a very strong iron, your typical one will likely not unsolder the stock wires.

Tired of looking at the ugly EC connector on your Icharger? I know we were, so we did something about it! 

We also eliminated the black/red cables, to a fully sheathed option, with custom heat shrink available. 
Make your icharger YOURS! No need for 6 foot of rubber banded ugliness in the back of your pit!

With this we remove the Blue EC connector, and eliminate the charger's lead(from charger to power supply) for any Icharger Duo Series. 

Your finished Icharger will have a 4mm connector, that can plug right into your power supply. 


Don't spend hours and risk messing up your icharger, send it to the professionals.

Each charger is tested prior to us opening it up, to make sure it works properly. We also test it after we finish it, to make sure that it is functional. We will store these videoes for 90 days, after you recieve your charger back.

Please note that if you select any other options than "I would like to upgrade my charger" this will ship at the later shipment date in the pop/tab on this product page.  We only need your charger the Monday before this would ship, your charger would be gone approximately 2 weeks.

f selected you are required to send your charger into us, the postal services often are not careful with packages. Be sure to pack your items WELL. For best results, we recommend sending in your power supply and charger stand as well. If you select this option please make sure the ESC is to us by the 1 week prior to the shipment date. If it shows up after that, your order is subject to delays.


*If you send us a broken charger, we will send it back to you, no refunds are available if this occurs. 
** If the charger is damaged in the mail, it is not our fault. We will ensure the charger is packaged as well if not better than when it was shipped to us. In the event that a charger is damaged upon arriving back to you, a video will need to submitted to for proof of damage. If you purchased the shiping insurance (from us) we will file the claim with the carrier and update you as we have information.