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Custom Painted Charger

Donathen RC

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Introducing DRC's professionally painted RC chargers!


  • Available in your choice of color(s)
  • Different colors available for different parts
  • Available for new or used chargers
  • Tested prior to shipping 
The options are designed for ichargers, but we can paint other types of chargers as well. However some of the options may not be available for all chargers. If you want an option not available please email us.
Case color is the main portion of the icharger, the top (where the buttons/screen are), and the bottom. 
Front/Black color. The front is the part of the charger where the balance leads plug into, while the back is where the fans are
Button Color is the the buttons on top of the charger.
Screen Color is the plastic part around/behind the screen (not the clear viewing portion that will always remain clear).
Please read our charger policy prior to purchasing. Please note that if you do not like the color(s) your charger is painted message us.