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Crawler Wiring Upgrade Kit

Donathen RC

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This is a kit you would solder/cover your crawler wires with sheathing. 2ft of wire and and 3ft of sheathing will cover most/all of the wires in your crawler.


  • length of wire if chosen
  • connectors if chosen
  • sheathing color(s)*, and heat shrink color chosen
  • dual wall heat shrink to cover all solder/sheathing joints

Items needed to complete:

  • soldering iron
  • solder
  • heatgun/lighter

Shrink the heat shrink until the glue seeps out of the heat shrink**

**The sheathing can easily be burned with a heat gun or lighter. Be very careful to direct the heat only onto the heat shrink.

Please note the crawler in the photo is an example of what the finished product would look like.