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Discharge Bank Upgrade Lead

Donathen RC

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This is a kit you would solder onto an existing discharge bank (purchased seperately). 


  • length of wire/gauge chosen
  • connectors chosen
  • sheathing color(s)*, and heat shrink color chosen
  • dual wall heat shrink to cover all solder/sheathing joints
  • Complete assembly of all above listed items, like in the pictures, unless choosen otherwise

*Please note that if the length is 12" or less only the PRIMARY sheathing color can be selected.

Items needed to complete:

  • soldering iron
  • solder
  • heatgun/lighter

To complete:

  • mark the positive/negative side of the discharge bank
  • unsolder the existing discharge bank lead
  • slide heat shrink onto the positive/negative side of DRC discharge bank
  • solder positive/negative to respective sides
  • shrink the heat shrink until the glue seeps out of the heat shrink**

**The sheathing can easily be burned with a heat gun or lighter. Be very careful to direct the heat only onto the heat shrink.