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Upgrade Box for discharge banks

Donathen RC

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This is an upgrade box for your standard discharge bank. It is designed to be screwed into your discharge bank and prevent/beautify a 200+ degree ugly thing from being easily touched. 


  • Honeycomb pattern for maximum airflow, while keeping your fingers from touching a very hot discharge bank
  • Available in your choice of color*
  • Fits all style double sided fan discharge banks
  • No soldering nessecary, fits 4mm, xt60, and xt90 connector types
  • Rubber feet, to prevent it from skidding around

Whats included: Discharge box, 4 screws, 5 black spacers, and 4 rubber feet. Please note that this does NOT include a discharge bank.

Installation video: Click here for video link


How to install:

  1. Remove screw/feet from current applicable discharge bank 
  2. Apply a small amount of CA glue to the camfer, where the screw head sits (this creates a thermal barrier). It is not necessary but it can help prevent warping on your upgrade box (due to some models fan power).
  3. Make sure that fan screw area are thread(this is the part that the box will screw into)
  4. Install supplies screws in box, and put black spacer on the inside
  5. Slide discharge bank into upgrade box
  6. Slowly screw/push one screw into the discharge bank. After all 4 screws are started, finish tightening screws. These only need to be finger tight.
*We have limited stock black color upgrade boxes available. All other colors will have an appoximate handling time of 5 business days before they ship.