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Icharger Discharge Box

Donathen RC

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These units are handcrafted to order for DRC right here in the USA!

  • ONLY made for the Icharger's in the drop down menu. 
  • Capable of discharging up to 45 amps for 1s or 2s batteries (it will discharge a 4s pack up to 15 amps).
  • 18" 12 awg power wire, and 18" fan wires.
  • New discharge box means, no more burning pit mats, hands, or having useless space in your pit!
  • Doubles as a charger, power supply, and lipo stand with optional stand.
  • The stand has space behind the stand to neatly run wires (see pictures)
  • The fans are powered by a seperate 12v source, such as your DRC power supply. 
  • DRC's 4mm bullets or genuine Amass connectors are used, ensuring quality connection over time.
  • Made with dual wall adhesive heat shrink. This heat shrink molds to the connector, and allows for easier disconnecting. 
  • Complimentary warranty available here.

The resistors and heat shrink still get very warm, the plastic housing will always be cool to the touch.

This is the video for how to set up Icharger duo's with our discharge box.

This is the video for how to update the firmware on your 456/458 to be able to discharge at 45 amps.

Junsi Consol Software

Download the Junis Console Software: Here


Download the v114 456 Firmware: Here


Download the v114 458 Firmware: Here


Download the v114 4512 Firmware: Here


Download the v114 Dx6 Firmware: Here


Download the v114 Dx8 Firmware: Here


Download the v114 Dx12 Firmware: Here

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  • 5
    I charger discharge bank.

    Posted by Gabe on Nov 19th 2023

    Works absolutely perfectly! Another great DRC product!