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Nitro Head Heater

JW Heaters

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This unit is designed to head the head of a nitro engine. Plugs into 110v power, and comes with a 5ft detachable cord. 
All black head, with Orange DRC logo This unit will fit .21 engines and up to a 60mm head

How to Remove:
This product is intended to be used in a professional manner. Be sure to remove the head heater with the glow plug tab. Please do not leave the unit on for extended periods of time, just when using it. Do not remove head header by anything other the glow plug tab.

This is the AMERICAN Manufacturer warranty policy, we did have these made for us in the USA!

Warranty information:
6 months from date of sale. Must provide order/invoice numer/proof of purchase. Warranty is subject to how the head is used and how it broke.