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Taylor Baney


Name: Taylor Baney

Home tracks: Brickhouse RC Raceway Backyard RC Raceway

Classes they race: Mod Sprint SC Mod 13.5 Sprint

What got them into R/C: Got into R/C racing during High School days when a new hobby shop was opened in town.

Experiences they have had in RC: I have been lucky to experience everything from Bashing on the street to the A-Main at Snowbird Nationals and all have changed my perception positively. No matter what level your at the most important is having a good time doing it.

How they describe DRC: I would describe DRC as a business that has supported the weekly club racer from the beginning. What makes it special is no matter if your bashing outside on the weekend or racing at the top national level your promised the same great product.

How they describe themselves: I pride myself on helping everyone succeed. I would hope someone would describe my character as the guy who's willing to put his own task on hold to help others.

How they describe being on the team: It's been great to be associated with an amazing team and an amazing Business.