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Micro Lipo Safe

Donathen RC

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Our premium lipo bags are made from the highest grade materials possible, featuring an all black inside and outside with the DRC logo. Perfectly fits a shorty style 2s lipo (full height or ULCG) or a 1s lipo.

  • Normal bags are made with 600-degree Celsius rated material, our bags are made with 1200-degree Celsius rated material.
  • Normal bags are made with regular stitches and seams, our bags are made with flame retardant stitches and seams.
  • Normal bags are made out of stiff fiberglass material and not easy to use, our bags are made out of high tech, state of the art material which allow for ease of use, and increased protection.
  • Normal bags have a very limited time to contain lipo fires/explosions, our bags can withstand continuous fire and explosion because of the materials used.
  • Normal bags get dirty very quickly, and are unseemly to look at, our bags are made out of all black material (inside and out) with our DRC logo inwhite.

The smaller lipo safe measures:
Length 4.14” (105mm) x Width 2.4” (61mm) x Height 2.35” (60mm)

Storage recommendations: Up to 2 1s batteries, 2 2s "shorty" batteries
Charging Recommendations:1 battery per safe

Please note that this listing is for 1 micro safe. All other items pictures are NOT included.