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Zach and Dylan Fuge


Name: Zach and Dylan Fuge

Home tracks: Soda City RC, Columbia SC

Classes they race: Indoor carpet: Onroad - 10th scale TC & USGT / 12th scale 17.5 Oval - 10th scale pancar foam/rubber tire

What got them into R/C: Our dad had RC cars when he was our age. We found a local track and community when we were 5yrs old. We started then, and by 10yrs old were running in the main classes.

Experiences they have had in RC: Wonderful community and track are at the base of who we are and what we do! We enjoy some travel for racing, and appreciate the experience.

How they describe DRC: Wonderful products and support to boot! High quality and high performance!

How they describe themselves: We are competitive, yet try to be humble and get better every day!

How they describe being on the team: So supported and a great network of racers always willing to help!