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Rex Rose


Name: Rex Rose

Home tracks: Soda City Racetrack, Columbia SC

Classes they race: VTA USGT GT12R

What got them into R/C: I first saw R/C cars at Hayes Hobby in Fayetteville NC when I was about 10 years old and wanted to get into it. I got into it when I was old enough (about 23 years old - in 1988) to afford my first kit car, Team Associated R/C 10T. Then started racing the car at a roller rink in Raleigh NC.

Experiences they have had in RC: I've raced oval, on-road, off-road dirt, and mini-Z. A friend introduced me to indoor carpet on-road and oval and even though I enjoyed all the other R/C racing, I realized I liked indoor carpet on-road the best! My first on-road was a T2 2009 XRay and I continue to run XRay to this day.

How they describe DRC: DRC cares about their customers and they strive to make their products the best possible for their customers. The awesome products are made in the USA with hard work from Zac. Zac really cares about the quality of his products.

How they describe themselves: I'm always willing to help other R/C racers with whatever their needs are. I'm always laughing, joking, cutting up, and having fun at the track.

How they describe being on the team: I was so excited when Zac invited me to join the DRC team. It's great being on the team and sharing his products with other racers and helping them understand how the products are different from other similar products and how the products can benefit their racing.