How to choose the perfect balance charge lead

We understand that there are a lot of options when ordering from us. This guide will help you fill out the necessary information.

1. What cell count do you need? 

2. What length would you like?

  • Our most popular is 24".
  • We suggest at least 18" for any lead.
  • If you select our 36" option we recommend using 10 awg, due to the voltage drop.

3. How many amps are you charging and discharging at? Our recommendations are:

  • 12 awg 1-25 amps
  • 10 awg 1-35 amps
  • 8 awg 1-80 amps

 4. What balance connector would you like?

  • The stock connector, will plug into 99.99% of chargers on the market.
  • However we do offer the 7pin upgrade for those that are interested in more stability.

5. What charger side connector do you need?

  • The most common size is the 4mm bullet connector. 

6. What charger side connector would you like?

  • Angled is a great option if your charger is up higher than where you are charging your battery. It is also a great option if you are charging your battery to the left or the right of the charger.
  • If you're charging your battery in front of your charger we recommend straight connectors.

7. What battery side connector do you need?

  • The most popular connector is the 4-5mm bullet connector.

8. What battery side angle would you like?

  • Only bullet connectors can be angled. Angled bullet connectors allow you to shut a lipo bag easier, as well as provide a better handle when pulling the connector out of a battery.

  • If you charge your battery in your car (which we do not recommend), we suggestyou use straight connectors.

9. Outside heat shrink color.

  • Most people select red for the positive and black for the negative.
  • However this is a space that you can add something "extra" to your leads without making them "too busy". For example, if you order an all obsidian color lead, with blue heat shrink, a blue positive side color might be a nice pop of color.

10. Inside heat shrink color.

  • The inside color is what we call our "wolf style". The wolf style leads are "Extreme duty". They are our most durable form of charging product, and come with a longer warranty than our other products.
  • This is also a place where you can get creative with the heat shrink color. 

11. Selecting sheathing colors for your lead.

  • The primary sheathing color, is the sheathing that is in the middle of the lead.

  • The wire sheathing color, is the sheathing that would protect the positive and negative wires that would be exposed after the primary sheathing.

  • The balance sheathing color is the sheathing that protects the balance extension, that would be exposed after the primary sheathing.

12. Selecting a primary heat shrink color. 

  • This is a great place for a solid colored lead to become a 2 colored lead, providing a "pop" of color. 

13. Selecting a logo.  

  • The DRC logo is free. If you choose another logo, it will come with 2 for your lead and 3 additional pieces per lead of heat shrink with that logo (this breaks down to $1 a piece).

  • Custom heat shrink can be used to show off your logo, phrase, nickname ETC. We can put just about anything on your lead, as long as you have permission to use a companies logo/phrase.

  • The other logos we have permission to use are a great addition to any lead to show support for that brand.