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Heated Lipo Sleeve Information


What is it used for?

  • The heated lipo sleeve can be used to heat your battery up, or keep the heat in the battery after a hard cycle. With 3 temperature settings it can be used in all climates, and applications!

Why does heating a battery matter?

  • Heating a battery before you charge it, allows for a flatter discharge curve (less fade) while you run.
  • It also decreases the Internal resistance of a battery, increasing punch. These 2 together are a winning combination for faster lap times!

Why not to use a discharger?

  • It can be unsafe. Discharging your battery at high amps can cause puffing, fires, or even acid explosions.
  • Reduces the life (total amount of charges) of your batteries, can cause them to puff.
  • They are expensive!
  • They get really hot, and have to be in an area out of the way, not to cause issues.
  • No temperature control of your battery , or when it gets to that temp, or when it start decreasing from that temperature.
  • It can only do 1 battery at a time.

The benefits of our heated lipo sleeve

  • Safety, our heated lipo sleeve is made out of 2200 degree Fahrenheit rated fire retardant materials. In the event of a failure of the device, it has a built in safety switch that will not allow it to turn on. Other heating devices do not have this feature. In the event of a failure for their device it can reach 400 degrees Fahrenheit causing damage(or worse) to your battery.
  • Extends the total number of "best" cycles your battery has. Your battery only has so many "best" cycles on it, before it starts to decline in performance. We consider the "best" cycles of your battery, to be how your battery performs when it was the best. 
  • Controlling the temperature of your battery. With 3 temperature settings you choose the optimal temperature for your battery. Controlling how long your battery is warmed, and when it is stopped.
  • Mobility, you choose where to use it. With a 36" wire it can be moved anywhere in your pit. This allows you to use your precious pit space for wrenching, eating, or what ever you might want!

How to use our heated lipo sleeve

  • Plug into any USB port. Press the power button, until the light turns red. Based on your: environment, number of batteries, and how hot you would like your battery to get, select the temperature setting. We recommend starting on the lowest setting.
  • Leave it on all day. Put your battery in an hour before you run. After 20 minutes , charge your battery (we recommend 20 amps, if using a less you will need to adjust your system). 20 minutes before you run, remove it from the sleeve, and put it into your car.

These recommendations are based on

  1. Not heating your battery for more than 1 hour total. 
  2. Heating your battery to 100 degrees Fahrenheit. The newest generation of batteries decrease performance if heated above 120 degrees.
  3. For best performance the battery should be used as soon as possible after finished charging. The performance advantage decreases the colder the battery is. However some tracks have rules that the batteries must be a certain temperature prior to racing. This rule is what our recommendations are based on.

Discharging and heated lipo sleeve

  • Discharge and charge at your normal rate, while the sleeve is on. When it is completed move the battery to the sleeve to maintain heat. You want to get on the track with the battery as close to 100* as possible. Obey your local tracks temperature rules. This may require you to take the battery out of the sleeve early, so that it can cool down.
  • Charging and discharging should always be done 1 battery to a lipo safety bag for maximum safety incase there is an event.
All of this information has come from extensive testing with 5+ years of results, providing the best product for our customers.