Custom Printed Heat Shrink

Our recommendations for R/C cars. 

  • 1/2" diameter to bundle all 3 motor wires together (for 12-14 awg, for 10 awg use 3/4" diameter).
  • 3/4" diameter to put over capacitors.

If you're ordering custom heat shrink with a logo or phrase:

  • If you have a logo please reply with a JPG or PNG image. This image should be all black with a white/transparent background. For best results what ever you'd like to be printed should be black.


  • If you would like a phrase/name/nickname etc printed on your heat shrink. What would you like it to say, would you like it any particular font? If so, please visit and select a font. Otherwise we have a variety of fonts that we can choose for you.

Please note it is illegal for us to use a logo that you do not have permission to use.