3/8" Diameter Custom Printed Heat Shrink

Donathen RC

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Please note we do not do any design work.

We have a new and improved printer! This new printer allows us to print and cut heat shrink much faster, which means we have different quantiy breaks available per size. We also now are offering 6 ink colors: Red, Blue, Gold, and Silver ink in addition to black and white.

For best results the image should be all black with a white/transparent background (what ever you would like printed should be black). We can download any font from dafant.com please visit there if you would like us to print a phrase in a specific font. We have many fonts already downloaded and can choose one if you are unsure.

We are only limited to what we can print by your imagination.We can print most phrases, or logos (dependent upon the quality/size of the image wanted).

Please contact us with what you would like us to print for you! Please note we do not do design work.